I got The Tuscan Contessa by Dinah Jefferies from NetGally for fair and honest review.

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Dinah Jefferies

The reason I got this book was because, I have read a number of books by this author and have really enjoyed them, so when the opportunity to review this book came up, to review this book I decided to take.


The Tuscan Contessa, is set in Italy during World War II, from 1943 to 1945, the time after the country had been invaded by the Allies and Italy had surrendered to the allies and were now fighting with them against the Germans. The book does this by telling the story of two women one the Contessa Sofia de Corsi’s, a sleepy Tuscan village who helps the resistance with what she can, keeping this from her husband Lorenzo who is also helping the allies.

Into this world comes Maxine, with family secrets of her own, an Italian-American with ties to the area, who comes to help the local resistance. The Two women form a strong, bond together and soon both woman get drawn deeper in fighting the Germans.



This was a really good novel telling a story of World War II that does not get much publicity, as Italy not only tries to deal with the issues of the Nazi’s occupying them but the split of the country between those fighting for the Italian Fascists, who are loyal to the Germans and those that want the Allies to win

One thing I really liked was how with the men all gone it concentrated  was well written, and seemed natural as though they would have been friends if they had meet under different circumstances. 

The story also covered other issues that would have been going on such as romance but this felt part of the story, and natural between the couples involved. This allowed the story to seem more real as their was a life outside of the conflict around them, in addition there were mentions that about how the allies killed members of our family and we are meant to support them or they a bombing us.on how the Women left behind had to deal with the day to day issues of being occupied, and trying to live a normal life. The friendship between the two woman


I really enjoyed this novel of war time friendship and having to deal with the problems of being occupied, while dealing with the normal day to day issues of life.

This was a really enjoyable book to read, which I would recommend to fans of Dinah Jefferies, In addition if like stories of friendship during times of crisis as well as

the tuscan contessa




Dinah Jefferies

The Tuscan Contessa

Publish Date
16 July 2020



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