I got The Mountains Sings by Que Mai Phan Nguyen from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.

The reason I requested this book from Netgally was that I had been reading a lot of historical books set in Europe during World War II and and wanted to diversify my reading in the Historical genre to out side Europe and the second world war. So when I saw this book, The Mountain Sings which is set in Vietnam I thought this book would fit the bill and I was not disappointed.


The Mountain Sings, tells the story of a family from Vietnam, from before World War II to the modern day. It does this by telling the story of a Tran Dieu Lan’s family who losses every thing when the communist take over in the north, and has to escape with six children. Years later the country is again at war and with her granddaughter, have to flee from the bombings by the Americans. The novel does this through the eyes of the granddaughter who lives with her grandma, Tran Dieu lan, as both her parents, have gone to fight for the north, against South Vietnam, America and their allies.


The novel is told mainly through the eyes of the granddaughter, and in flash backs through the eyes of the the grandmother, or other members of the family to give a more complete version of the story. The changeover from ones person perspective to another is well done which means that as a reader your are not confused about whose perspective the story is being told through, or what period of time.

This was the first story that I have read based in Vietnam, that is about the locals and in particular, the North, this gave a different perspective of the events from the bombing of Hanoi to the capture of an American pilot with things being thrown at him by the locals. Normally you see this through the eyes of the Pilot, in most stories about the Vietnam war.


I did enjoy the novel and the way it was written in such a way that made the story was simple to understand even though the perspective change at various points, or on a different time period. So if you want to read an historical fiction novel that transports you to another culture, allowing you to see events which we normally only see, from one perspective, to see them from the totally opposite one to the west, then, Que Mai Phan Nguyen has written the book for you in The Mountains Sings.

The Mountains Sings

Que Mai Phan Nguyen

Release Date
20th August 2020

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