I got Who is She, by Diane Byington from Booksirens a fair and honest review

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The main reason I decided to get this book from Booksirens was the cover, which drew me in with the trainers untied.


Who is she tells the story of Faye a young girl, who’s family has moved around America, so her dad can find work, moves to Florida just before he 16th birthday. On her first day in the new school she decides to take up running, shortly after deciding to run the Boston marathon with her friend, despite the fact in 1967 women could not enter the race. However her mum and dad are against this idea, as a doctor diagnosed she has epilepsy, though they do allow her to run. During her run, Faye seems to get images coming to her mind.


This books is listed as a coming of age novel, where the lead character, is finding her self, and who she is in this world. The novel is set in the deep south of America in 1967 and because of this the novel is much more than that.

The novel touches on both gender and racial equality, as well as the nature and nurture debate, are we made by our parents and surroundings or are we just our jeans.

The story was well written, with all the elements of the story mixing together quit well, both how Faye herself takes the difficult step we all have to take from childhood to adulthood to find our place in the world.

Another area that worked well was the gender equality of the novel with how girls, were only allowed to do netball, at school, and how they were not allowed to run in the Boston marathon because it was thought it would injure them.

who she is book cover
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Who Is She

Diane Byington

Publishe date
Mrch 20th 2018



This was a really great book to read with the issues of the book at front and centre of the book put were put in such a way that it added to the story not distract from it. If your are interested in books, about friendship, fighting injustice and finding your right place in the world, then I would suggest Diane Byington’s book Who is she is for you.

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