Do not die of shock I have got my monthly review out on the first of the next month, maybe I will keep doing it, do not hold your breath though. So we have now completed 7 months of 2020, meaning only 5 left until we reach 2021 which can not be any worse (I hope). This month has been a holding month personally, as I hold my breath on how the easing of lockdown happens.






I got the folloing books from booksirens for a fair and honest review.

Who Is She
Diane Byington

who she is

This tells the story story of a young girl, who’s family moved to Florida in the late 1960’s after moving around America, for a farther to find work. While their she stats running and with her friend decide to run the Boston marathon, at a time when women were officially banned from competing. In addition to this while she is running she keeps getting images she does not understand.


Holi Moly! & other stories
Poornima Manco

Holy Moli

This is a collection of short stories mainly set in india, about how every day people, full of hope optimism, laughter and grit, deal with life’s adversities trying to bog them down.


The following are the books I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

By the Gods Of Babylon
Sin Leqi Unninni

by the gods of babylon

This is a story set in ancient Babylon around 3200 BCE, just before, the crowning of Sargan, a jester steps up and tells the creation story Sumerian style. When a high priest calls the story blasphemy, it sets up a chain of violence.

The Day I Disappeared
Brandi Reeds

day i dissappeared

This tells the story of a young girl who was kidnapped at the age of 4, and a family friend was convicted of the crime, then 20 years later a detective calls her and saying that a number of girls have disparaged under similar circumstances.

Jim Ring


This is an alternative history novel set in 1946, were Germany had won World War II, and to celebrate their victory of Russia, Hitler cones to London for a victory parade, but gets caught up in an explosion


Jilly Cooper, OBE

emily jilly cooper

Emily decides to go to a party while her fiance, is away, while there she meets Rory Balniel, agreeing to marry him a few days latter and then moves to Scottish island. Meeting his mother Coco, and the dog Sir Walter Scott as well as the mysterious Marina and the anger of Finn Maclean.



Comic Book


Dante’s Inferno
Emerson Hunt


This is a comic version of Dante’s Inferno, which is his journey through to the levels of hell to meet the love of his life who died a few years ago.


Mental Health