I got The Day I Disappeared by Brandi Reeds, from Netgalley for a fair and honest review

The reason, I decided to get this book from Netgalley was not only the book cover of a cut of pony tail, but all so the synopsis.


The Day I Disappeared tells the story of Holly who was kidnapped as a four year old and returned back to where she was taken from, with little memory of the events. A handyman who was also a friend of the family was convicted of the crime. Her mother was also under suspicion of helping but this was not proved, however it did drive a gap between both family members and friends.

day i dissappeared

Now twenty years later Holy is contacted by a detective Jason Guidry, who tells her that another girl has gone has gone missing in similar circumstances. With Holly’s memory, missing a large amount of details about her kidnapping even now, and her mother in a coma after an accident. She is gradually pieces it together thinking she may know the kidnapper.



This is really well written mystery thriller, the way that the way that the story drifts between present day telling the story through Holly as well as using the memories of he mother as she thinks of the events while she is in a coma.

Having her mum tell her side of the story in her mind throughout the book, while she is in a coma, gives the writer some advantages:-

  •  The author can drip feed information to the reader, throughout the book.
  •  The questions that Holly wants to ask her mother, she is unable to ask.
  • You do not know if the mother telling her story accurately, as you can not ask her any questions.

All this adds to the mystery of who kidnapped Holly as a child.



What I liked about the mystery part of the novel was that some time during the story I suspected most of the characters, at one point or time or the other and even kept jumping back from person  to another throughout the book.

I really enjoyed this book as the the parts of the book built up the tension all the way through the book, which means you should add Brandi Reed’s new book The Day I Disappeared to your TBR.


About The Writer

Brandi reeds


Brandi Reeds is a Chicago native (White Sox fan), the real name of, the young adult author, Sasha Dawn, Her debut psychological thriller, Oblivion (2015, was chosen as one of the New York Public Library’s Best Books for Teens,

Brandi Reeds has a BA in history and English from Northern Illinois University, as well as an MA in writing from Seton Hill University. When not working on her next book, she teaches college English and works as a kitchen design consultant and cabinetry specialist. She’s also an avid traveler, reader, and dance enthusiast.

Other books by Brandi Reeds

Trespassing (2018)

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