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Find a book for each of your initials


Master and Commander  (Aubreyy/Maturin 1)
Pattrick O’Brian

master and commander

The navel story set during the age of Nelson, tells the story of Captain Aubrey and his secretive friend Maturin, fighting the french during the Napoleonic wars.

Past Caring
Robert Goddard

past caring

1910 distinguished MP Edwin Strafford resigns at the pinnacle of his career, to marry the women he loves, though the marriage does not take place. 70 years later Historian Martian Radford who is down on his luck tries to find out why.

Time and Time Again
Ben Elton


time and time again

Is going back and changing history a good idea? Find out when Hugh Stanton, goes back and tries to stop World War I.



Count age along your bookshelf: What book do you find?


Smiley’s People
John Le Carre

smileys people

This is a cold war novel were a Russian woman is attacked in broad daylight by a soviet intleigence officer. A murder of a British agent which Smiley is tolled to bury it not solve it.


A book set in your city or county


Wasted Years
John Harvey

wasted years

A Nottingham Detective Inspector Resnick investigates a series of post office raids, which have links to crimes from a time when his marriage was falling apart.


A book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to:-


Berlin Game
Len Deighton

berlin game

A cold War novel were an agent has to go to Berlin to talk to Brahms Four, the greatest source the British have on the Russians.


A book that’s your favorite colour, my favourite is red.


First Among Equals
Jeffrey Archer

first among equals

The story of four People who become MP’s in 1964, and how they try to become the British Prime Minister


Which book do have the fondest memory of:-


The Eagle Has Landed
Jack Higgins

ehl my paper back edition
The Book That Made Me A Reader

The story about a mission by the Germans to Kidnap the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in November 1943.


Which book did you have the most difficulty reading:-


Les Miserables
Victor Hugo

les miserables

All though by the end of the book there are times were times when I thought it was the worse book in the world. ( I do not need the History of the Paris Sewage system)

Which book will give you the most satisfaction to finish?


James Clavell

gai jin

This is a large book set in Japan in 1862, when the country is in chaos as the power of the Shogon wanes and rival factions try to take over.


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