I decided to get this book from Kobo, and read it, as part of the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, for 2020, check the link here. The challenge, this book was for, is to read a book published in the decade you were born.


The book tells the story of Emily, who at the start of the book, is engaged to a conservative politician, and is leaving her old life behind of parties and become a respectable wife. Then one night while her fiance is away, she goes to a party at her friends house.

While at the party Emily meets, the handsome playboy Rory Balniel. Who she then decides to marry him that weekend. After the honeymoon they, go to live at Rory’s house on a remote Scottish Island. However married life does not turns out to be the that Emily, was expecting. With Marina a woman from form Rory’s past and her brother, who Finn Maclean, who takes a dislike to Emily.

emily jilly cooper


The people in the story did not have much of a back story or an expansive arc development, throughout the book. Which could make them seem almost, 2 dimensional. However this is in keeping with the style of writing and the genre of the story.

However with the information and the Arc, of each character, was enough for the plot, meant that this weakness, did not distract from the enjoyment of the book.

The plot of the book did deal with some issues such as incest and and abusive marriages and both mental and physical abuse, which did did seem to get resolved quickly.

All this could mean that the writer, either got to a point in the story, that, she did not how to carry on and just shouted plot twist, or the editor told her not to take the story in the direction it was heading. Which with this book being written in the 1970’s may seem more shocking then than it is now.



This is the first book by Jilly Cooper that I have read, and it will not be the last. Because, if they are all this, easy to read, then her books will be something to read when I want something light to read,

This is not a complain about the book, as for what I thought the writer was aiming at, an enjoyable read, then Jilly cooper hit the mark.

All in all this was an enjoyable story to read, as it was nice and light, however be aware of the trigger warnings. I would recommend this book if you like, stories of Insta love, were the dream does not meet reality, to read, then I would suggest Jilly Cooper’s Emily is the book for you.



About Jilly Cooper CBE

Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper is a British writer who started to work for the local newspaper Middlesex Independent based in Brentford, before getting he big break when she was asked to write feature for The Sunday Times Magazine, which she started to write for on a permanent basis.


In 1975 Her first book Emily was published, with the next few books having fremale names as the title, however she is most famous for Rutshire Chronicles the first book being Riders which came out in 1985 with the series no having 10 books.

emily jilly cooper


Jilly Cooper



  1. Emily(1975)
  2. Bella(1976)
  3. Harriet(1976)
  4. Octavia(1977)
  5. Imogen(1978)
  6. Prudence(1978)
  7. Lisa and Co.(1981; also known as Love and Other Heartaches)

‘Little Mabel’ series:

  1. Little Mabel(1980)
  2. Little Mabel’s Great Escape(1981)
  3. Little Mabel Wins(1982)
  4. Little Mabel Saves the Day(1985)

The Rutshire Chronicles:

  1. Riders(1985)
  2. Rivals(1988; also known as Players)
  3. Polo(1991)
  4. The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous(1993)
  5. Appassionata(1996)
  6. Score!(1999)
  7. Pandora(2002)
  8. Wicked!(2006)
  9. Jump!(2010)
  10. Mount!(2016)

Although Jilly Cooper has in addition to her fiction books, she has written 25 non-fiction books I have not listed fiction.


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