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I brought this from from Kobo and decided to read it for a number of reasons.

The first, is. as Part of My modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, in the reading the book that I nominated for an award in 2020, even though it was co winner of the Booker Prize in 2019 along with Testament, by Margaret. It is nominated for the Woman prize in 2020

The Second is, a coninuation of the after effect of George Floyds murder in the USA,e ealier this year and I the Black Lives Matter Campaign, and my post, My Future Reading Life, which you can read here.  


Girl Woman other is a novel mainly set in England based around the lives of, 12 mainly black women, of various sexuality and gender identification.

The book is mainly divided into 4 parts, with the first 3 containing 3 chapters about people who a closely connected to each other, either relations or very close friends and work work colleges. With the last part concluding all the previous stories.

Each of the chapters are interwoven so you may meat someone or even reference them in one chapter, but they have their own chapter either before or after this one.


What I liked about this book was the way it showed how people are interconnected in this world, the obvious ones being close relations or friends, yet this novel points that we may have connections with people we meat in ways we don’t realize. For example a teacher we have my be a distant relation to some one we went to university with.

This gave the story an almost puzzle feel, as you the reader start to pick up on people who, you had meat either as one that had their own chapter, or a cameo in one, would appear in either their own chapter or cameo.

One of the main themes of the story is Intersexuality, in that no one is just one thing, which is examined in the chapter about Yazz. Where she finds she has more in common with a white English Middle class woman, than a daughter of a rich Egyptian diplomat.

With having so many different types of females, in one book it would have been very easy for, Bernardine Evaristo the writer, to turn all the characters into parodies of them selves, but she centres on the individual humanity them.

This not only makes every on different and makes them stand out from the other people in the book but it also allows you the reader to connect with them on a close one to one basis, even though you as a reader do not spend a long time in close contact with them.


i would like this book although it took me about 5-10% of the book to get holey into it, which is normal for me, but once I got in to the story even when I put the book down, I kept wanting to pick it back up again.

Who would I recommenced this book to, firstly anybody who is trying to read more diversely this year after the murder of George Floyd, in America, though that is a a good reason to read it, as this book should be read as a great and not just because of a tick box exercise.

So if you want to read a book about 12 mainly black woman in 21st century England and how the last 100 years has affected them, the Girl, Women, Other by Bernardine Evaristo is the book for you.

About Bernardine Evaristo

Born in south east London 1959, Bernardine Evaristo, was the fourth of eight children, after studying Goldsmith College, University of London, from were she received, a doctorate in creative writing.

The first book was Island of Abraham in 1994, and has since written a further 8 books making nine in total.


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Comment below with what you throught of this book or how has your reading choices changed sins the BLM campaign.

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