Yet again  I have got my monthly review out on the first of the next month, maybe It will become a habit, who knows, i may  will keep doing it, now i have done two in a row.

So we have now completed 8 months of 2020, meaning only4 left until we reach 2021 which, will be better (I hope). This month has been a bad month, for me the best i can say is i am still here.




The Engineer’s Wife
Tracy Enerson Wood


This book told the stoy of the building of the Brooklyn bridge in New York city, shortly after the American Cival War. It does this by telling the story , through the eys of Emily Roebling, who because of an illness to her husband, did a lot of work on the building of rhe bridge.

The Evening And The Morning
Ken Follett


This is the prequal to the Kingsbrige series which tells the story of the building of a cathedral  durning the 12th century   untilthe end of the 16th century. This focuses around the turn of thr 11th century and the founding of the monestry.


Girl, Woman, other
Bernardine  Evaristo 


This is a book that won the Booker Prize Last year along with the Testament, by Margaret Atwood. it,  follows the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters. Mostly women, black and British, they tell the stories of their families, friends and lovers, across the country and through the years.

Mental Health


August was a bad month, for my mentalhealth, although it is very hard to explain why i just felt that the world was against me  and i was getting frustrated. What is wirse about this is i get frustrated and angry, which hurs the people I love.

You know the worse thing about this is i know i am doing it at the time, I also seem to be in two placs at once, the first is on the out side and seing what is happening and the second is taken part and knowing what is exactly going on. But from both of these postions i can do nothing about it. 


There was more sport this month, but with cricket in full swing with both intenationl matches, and domestic games, althouth the rain is having more effect than the players at the moment.



Apart from the normal tv shows i watched a couple of things on streaming services which i got into.


this is on Netflix and tells, and is based around he selection process wch finds the top 3% of the population to live on an island where they get everything, and the remaining live in poverty. I have not seen the latest series but so far i can highly recomend it.

The Uncomfortable Truth

This was a documentury about the son of a civil rights campainger, looking back on the history of institutional racism in America, going back 400 years.


Covid 19 is still in the news, with some countries going up in cases, who seemed to have had it under control. I am starting to like Saturday morning news, showing Brits abroad trying to get back before a certain time, so they do not have to go into quarntine for 14 days.

Well that’s my August Review, I did not read as many books as i did last month but, to say how I have flet this mont witmy mental health, it couldhave been less. Also once again this will go up on the 1st of the next month.

Comment below on what your month of August was like.

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