I got If she had Stayed by Diane Byington for free from BookSirens for a fair and honest review

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Reason for reading

I decided to get this from BookSirens so I could read and review it after reading anthor book by the same writer called Who Is She, which you can read my review here.


If she had stayed tells the story of Kaley Kline, who is trying to get funding for a museum dedicated to the Inventor Nicola Tesla, in Colorado Springs. While looking for exhibitors she stumbles on an undiscovered journal by Tesla saying that he had discovered Time Travel.

All though Kaley does not feel she has any regrets, she does wounder what would have happened if she had told her boyfriend that she was going to tour Europe with a band, as a replacement for their lead singer, who had broken her leg falling of stage.

Using Facebook to find Scott, the boyfriend, kayle had left behind 15 years ago, She tells him that she may be able to travel in time. Scott says he would like to go with her and buy some Apple shares, so he can make money, however this may not be his only motive.


This time travel novel was done really well, examining what would have happened if a person makes different choices

The time travel system used in this book allowed, both, past and future Kaley to occupy the same body, although the one in the correct time line had more control.

This led to some intersecting almost conversations between the past and present Kaley, which for ease of the reader was now using her middle name rather than her first name Anna she used in college.

Although I liked the time travel element in the story, for me the only downside was because they only went back on her own timeline and merged with old self fairly soon.

This meant there was very little of having to get to know a new world. It world also have been nice if there was a bit moo and there was very little setting the scene of the world of 2003.

However Having said what I feel was some of the weakness in the time travel element of the story, did not distract, from my enjoyment.


What i really liked was the pacing as well as Diane’s writing style which made this an enjoyable read and the ending did not disappoint.

Obviously I would recommend this book to any one you likes, nice and light time travel stories, but in addition to this book would be suitable for people who enjoy books about regret and second chances. All in all Diane Byington has written a good enjoyable book in If She Had Stayed.

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About the Writer

Diane Byington has had a number of jobs, from a tenured college professor, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, and executive coach. Even raising goats for fiber, as well as cooking hot dogs for a NASCAR event.

Diane still enjoys spinning and weaving, but she hasn’t eaten a hot dog or watched a car race since.

In addition to reading and writing, Diane loves to hike, kayak, and photograph sunsets.

Along with her husband, Diane  divides their time living in Boulder, Colorado, and the small Central Florida town they discovered while doing research for her novel.

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