I got The Art Collector’s Daughter by Deville Murphy, from BookSirens for a fair and honest review

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The reason I decided to get this book was that the idea of the story intrigued me.


In 1940 Sylvia Vassuer a young Jewish girl, is sent to Ireland along with her father’s art collection, which includes a painting of her on a swing painted by Mateus Called the Girl on the Swing

Sylvia is the seduced by Nicholas Coutney, the eldest son of the family she is sent to live with, becoming pregnant she marries the younger brother Peter in a loveless marriage to avoid the social stigma.

In Dublin Sylvia becomes the toast of the art world while having an affair with Nicholas, at the same time she finds out that what she was told about the paintings that may have been destroyed while being sent Ireland may not be the truth.

Shortly after this Revelation Sylvia is found drowned on the Irish coast.

Seventeen years later Catherine Howard a strugling art historian is asked out of the blue to Catalogue Sylvia’s Art, by the Courtney Family. Helped by Sam Sylvia’s son they may find they are in just as much danger as Sylvia.


The Art Collector’s Daughter is your standard Mystery Thriller along the Lines of, Some one finds something out, in this story it is Catherine a struggling poor Art Historian, who’s former lecturer feels she is not good at her job.

Catherine, however proves the lecturer wrong and is able to do the task, putting her life in danger as she tries to finish it.

However the novel is one step above that type of novel as I liked the way that Derville Murphy had characters in the book that are not just 2 dimensional, with each one having a different motive for their actions in the novel. With these actions being what you would expect them to do.

In addition this was a wonderful book to read as the writing was nice and light and fitted well in the style of the novel, which made it easy to follow the twist and turns in the book, and there were a number of them.

As said previously said Derville Murphy, was very good at writing about characters, the writing about the time and location of the novel, was also well done, particular in the 80’s which allowed the reader to be immersed in the time period, but not in such a way that it took me out of the book.


So is, The Art Collector’s Daughter by Derville Murphy, worth a read, if you like novels which are very good entertainment and enjoyable to read, with a bit of mystery thrown in then you should read The Art Collector’s Daughter.

The Art Collector’s Daughter: A Stylish Historical Thriller

Derville Murphy

Derville Murphy was born in 1956 in Birmingham, UK. When she was thirteen her family returned home to Ireland.

Qualifying from DIT as an architect in 1978 and working for over twenty years as an architect and art curator.

At fifty-two, she went back to college and completed an MPhil in Irish Art History – and in 2015, at UCD, a Ph.D. in Art and architecture.

Since then she has worked as an art consultant.

Murphy is also an artist who has exhibited widely in Ireland and her works are in several art collections.

Although she has written articles for academic journals, The Art Collectors Daughter is her debut novel. She lives in Dublin, is married with two daughters and twin grandchildren. 

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