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Nicholas Giovanni’s life is based around his 5 year old daughter Kate, who he comes home at night while driving a taxi, to see her sleeping. When he is not at work as well as looking after his daughter, he has to look after Kathleen, her mother as well.

When his childhood best friend, Ina, returns to live next door, tensions rise in an already unstable house, Kathleen suspicions of Ina and Nicholas grow until a day of violence ensues and Kathleen disappears. 

Kate’s life is shattered and her life goes on a downward spiral after her mother goes away.

This book interested me as I always like stories involving family secrets and how they affect individuals.


Hinterland is only 191 pages long, which works for this story as it makes the writer keep the narrative  tight and there is very little if any bits of information in the book that does not advance the story.

However Saying that the, the ending of the book, leaves a lot of lose ends, this for me did not spoil the book, as I do not mind if the writer to leaves an open ending, however if this is something you do not like it may affect you enjoyment of the book.

This does not mean that the book contains no hidden depth to the narrative, as apart from the main plot line the book examines secrets and how the keeping of them, can have an affect people in the future.


I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a books about how the secrets we keep affect personal relationships, as well as people who like short books with a lot of impact, the L.M. Brown’s book Hinterland is for you.

About the Author

L. M. Brown

L.M. Brown is the author of novels Debris and Hinterland, and the linked short story collections Treading The Uneven Road and Were We Awake. Her award winning stories have been published in over a dozen magazines. She grew up in Ireland but lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three daughters.

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