This is my latest WWW Wednesday. I saw this by Bookworms Anonymous, who said it was started by MizB at A Daily Rythm and currently hosted by Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer the three following questions

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish?
What do you think you will read next?

What are you currently reading?

The Ministry of the Future
Kim Stanley Robbins

Book cover Ministry of the future

I have only Just Started The Ministry For The Future by Kim Stanly Robbins, which I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.  So I have no opinions of the book at the moment but i have enjoyed his books previously and the synopsis is as follows

Told entirely through fictional eye-witness accounts, The Ministry For The Future is a masterpiece of the imagination, the story of how climate change will affect us all over the decades to come.

Its setting is not a desolate, post-apocalyptic world, but a future that is almost upon us – and in which we might just overcome the extraordinary challenges we face.

Five Little Pigs
Agatha Christie
Hugh Fraser (Narrator)


I am about 50% through this audiobook which I borrowed from the library in which Poirot investigates a crime from 16 years ago, as the daughter thinks her mother is innocent even though she was convicted and passed away in jail.

The main witnesses are linked by the nursery rhyme Five Little Pigs, which you can read in the post I did about nursery rhymes and book titles here.

What did you recently finish?

The Skylark’s Secret
Fiona Valpy

book cover The Skylark's Secret
My Review

I got The Skylark’s secret by Fiona Valpy, from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.

This is one of those books that is really ebay to read which drags you in from the start, it tells the story in 2 set in world war 2 when Flora is a young woman, in love with the Lairds son. 

The other is set in the 1970’s when Flora’s daughter comes back to live in her mother’s house after she has passed away to discover the secrets of the village and how they affect her.

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens

A Tale of two cites book cover
My Review

I am reading this book as part of my series of reading the 10 best selling books of all time, which you can read here.

After eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille, the ageing Doctor Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There the lives of two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Harold Fry #1)
Rachel Joyce

I am read this book using a library audio book, because I enjoyed the book when i read it last year. So when I saw the book was narrated by Jim Broadbent,  the book drew me in to read it again.

The Book tells the story of Harold Fry who decides one day to walk around 500 miles, to meet Quinee who he has not seen for ages, and is dying of cancer.

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What do you think you will read next?

Life and Fate
Vasily Grossman

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This is the book that follows straight on from Stalingrad which I read earlier this month, from Netgalley for a fair and honest review. It takes the story on from when the first book ended.

The Sellout
Paul Beatty

The picture of the bookcover of the sellout by paul beatty

I decided to add this book to my WWW Wednesday list as part of the chanes in what i read after the killing of George Floyd , which you can read about in my post here.

This is a biting satire about a young man’s isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout showcases a comic genius at the top of his game.

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These 2 books are what is on my list of books i want to read next but knowing me i will read somthing totally different.

what is your WWW Wednesday answers either do your own on your blog or comment below.

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Above all Keep Safe and Treat People Fairly.