Yet again  I have got my monthly review out on the first of the next month, maybe It will become a habit, who knows, i may  will keep doing it, now i have done two in a row.

So we have now completed 8 months of 2020, meaning only4 left until we reach 2021 which, will be better (I hope). This month has been a bad month, for me the best i can say is i am still here.




The following books are from NetGalley which i got for a fair and honest review.

Road To Mercy
T J Brearton

Struggling with the guilt she feels for shooting and killing a man during her freshman case, Special Agent Shannon Ames is thrown back in the deep end when former federal prosecutor Lucy Donato goes missing.

The case takes a surprising turn when Lucy’s bookish husband Bob is caught on camera fleeing the state with his two small children. Has he done something to his wife? Is he a danger to the kids?

The Skylark’s Secret
Fiona Valpy

book cover The Skylark's Secret
My Review

Loch Ewe, 1940. When gamekeeper’s daughter Flora’s remote highland village finds itself the base for the Royal Navy’s Arctic convoys, life in her close-knit community changes forever. In defiance of his disapproving father, the laird’s son falls in love with Flora, and as tensions build in their disrupted home, any chance of their happiness seems doomed.


The following books are from Booksirens which i got for a fair and honest review.

How Beautiful They Were
Boston Teran

This book is set in the  New York theatre of that era was the Hollywood of its day, with all its trademark insanities. It was everything that was America. Its beauty and excitement, its rise and fall of personalities, its joys and desperations, selfish corruptions and violence. Even its hatred and racism.

Enter Colonel Tearwood’s American Theatre Company. Helmed by actor Nathanial Luck and playwright Robert Harrison, it revolutionizes the theatre of the times by bringing daily life to the stage: Love affairs, social corruption, political intrigue, violence and death grip.

If She Had Stayed
Diane Byington

Kaley Kline is thrilled to have landed a job as director of the new Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs. To make the museum successful, she searches for undiscovered works to display. When she finds an old safe that might have been Tesla’s, she’s shocked to find some diary pages supposedly written by the inventor himself.

What I Did
Kayla Krantz

What i did book cover
My Review

On the surface, Jessica is your all-American woman—blonde, young, and pretty—but there’s something off in her subconscious, something that draws her to horror movies and true crime. Living with a mix of social anxiety and agoraphobia makes maneuvering the world outside of her mother’s apartment tough, but her job at the local grocery store is something she can manage.

That is, until she gets swept up in the crossfire of an active shooter. In order to survive, Jess must tap into the growing darkness inside of her.

The Art Collector’s Daughter
Derville Murphy

the book cover for the Art Collectors Daughter
My Review

As the Germans advance on Paris in 1940, a young Jewish girl, Sylvie Vasseur, is sent by her father to rural Ireland to live with the Courtney family. He also sends his valuable art collection – including a portrait of Sylvie by the renowned Mateus, Girl on a Swing.

Sylvia is seduced by the narcissistic elder son Nicholas Courtney when she is eighteen, but he abandons her when he discovers she is pregnant. To avoid the inevitable social stigma, Sylvie marries his brother Peter.

L M Brown

Hinterland book cover
My Review

Nicholas Giovanni’s life revolves around his five-year old daughter Kate. When he isn’t driving his taxi, he is taking care of her and her mother Kathleen, whose last involuntary admission to hospital was before Kate was born. When his childhood best friend, Ina, returns next door, tensions rise in the house. Already unstable, Kathleen suspicions of Ina and Nicholas grow until a day of violence ensues and Kathleen disappears.

Author Supplied

I got the following books which was supplied for the author for a fair and honest review.

Dust & Lightning
Rebecca Crunden

Dust & Lightning book cover
My Review

In the near future, humans have gone beyond simple space travel. By the year 4054, multiple solar systems are inhabited, and taking a spaceship is as commonplace as taking an aeroplane.

Unfortunately, not everything about the future is so advanced. The central planets, led by Earth, have risen high at the expense of cheap labour on distant worlds.

My Books

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens

A Tale of two cites book cover
My Review

My Audio Books

Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The most influential work of the entire Spanish literary canon and a founding work of modern Western literature, Don Quixote is also one of the greatest works ever written. Hugely entertaining but also moving at times, this episodic novel is built on the fantasy life of one Alonso Quixano, who lives with his niece and housekeeper in La Mancha. Quixano, obsessed by tales of knight errantry, renames himself “Don Quixote” and, with his faithful servant Sancho Panza, goes on a series of quests.

Library Audiobooks

The Unlikley Pilgramage of Harold Fry
Rachal Joyce

When Harold Fry leaves home one morning to post a letter, with his wife hoovering upstairs, he has no idea that he is about to walk from one end of the country to the other. He has no hiking boots or map, let alone a compass, waterproof or mobile phone. All he knows is that he must keep walking. To save someone else’s life.

Mental Health


Spetember was a better month my mental, health, although, but, only just as i was stable throughout the month but at a low leval. However in the last couple of days it has got better got better. I still have bad times but i have been able to get out of it within hours rather than days.


Loved watching the sporting events this month with NFL and College Football back, its nice to have more sport back.



Apart from the normal tv shows I did not watch much TV this month, allthough i did watch some, Married at First Sight Australia as my wife was watching it.


Covid 19 is now really back in the news now, with cases going up in the UK over 7,000 announced in the last two days of the month. The Uk is now under more rules. I know it sounds daft and the are i live in is not that high, with covid but strangley i feel safer outside at the moment.

Well that’s my Spetember review, I did read a lot more books this month than last and i would have to say i fell i have turned the coner with my mental health, although at the moment it can change any time.

Comment below on what your month of August was like.

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