I got , Politics Can Be Murder: Every Wife Has A Story by Susan Santangelo, for free from Booksirens for a fair and honest review.


The hit-and-run death of a schoolmate rocks Carol Andrews’ world. The tragic accident, still unsolved, soon becomes a rallying cry for pedestrian safety in an upcoming town council election. 

Ignoring the advice of her husband, who points out that she knows nothing at all about the political arena, Carol eagerly signs on to manage the election campaign of a new-to-politics female candidate. 

But when the always nosy Carol goes beyond her job description and starts asking too many questions, she discovers that politics can be a murky world of hidden secrets, greed, and murder


This book was written in a chaty way just, as though the writer was talking to you as  you the reader are reading the story. This made the book feel like an ink based audio book, which made it a pleasure to read.

Along with the chatty style of writing there were a lot of times when the narrator was telling you something, which would be followed by something in brackets, this would always be a little light hatred, and make the story lighter than it would have been otherwise.

Looking at this book having previously read the Agatha Christie novel, Five Little Pigs, (which you can read here) I felt this book had the craft work and style of one of her novels. But because it is written with a little comedy you, it is easy to miss how well crafted the story was, with the crime and the plot line.


So who would I recommend, this book for? As I really enjoyed reading the book, not because of the plot all though while an interesting plot line it was not the most gripping one i have ever read, however that is not the point of this story, so if you want to read a book about that is an, enjoyable read written in a chatty way, the you should read,  Politics Can Be Murder: Every Wife Has A Story by Susan Santangelo.

About the Writer

Susan Santangelo, has been a feature writer, drama critic, and editor for daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in the New York metropolitan area, including a stint at Cosmopolitan magazine. She is also a  member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and the Cape Cod Writers Center, dividing her time between Florida and Cape Cod, MA. Living with her husband Joe and English cocker spaniels, Boomer and Lilly. 

Comment below if you have read any of Susan Sanragelo’s books, or if you can recommend any similar funny, cozy mysteries to read.

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