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Remmy grows up with Beth in Bellhammer, Illinois as oil and coal companies rob the land of everything that made it paradise. Under his Grandad, he learns how to properly prank his neighbors, friends, and foes. 

Beth tries to fix Remmy by taking him to church. Under his Daddy, Remmy starts the Bell Hammer Construction Company, which depends on contracts from Texarco Oil. And Beth argues with him about how to build a better business. Their witty banter builds a kind of castle among a growing nostalgia.

Then one of Jim Johnstone’s faulty Texarco oil derricks falls down on their house and poisons their neighborhood’s well.

Poisoned wells escalate to torched dog houses. Torched dog houses escalate to stolen carpentry tools and cancelled contracts. Cancelled contracts escalate to eminent domain. Sick of the attacks from Texaco Oil on his neighborhood, Remmy assembles his merry men:

“We need the world’s greatest prank. One grand glorious jest that’ll bloody the nose of that tyrant. Besides, pranks and jokes don’t got no consequences, right?


Bell hammers was written as a, an episodic novel with each chapter, at the start of the book being one year, however as the book progressed a chapter became more than a year. This allowed the writer to give each chapter a set period of time, and gives the reader a guide on how time has progressed.

I loved the interaction between the people in the story, especially between Remmy himself and his wife Beth, both at the start of the relationship and their early marriage.

Another relationship that worked well was the one, between Remmey and his grandad, which was also well written and felt like a true relationship, between those two individuals.

While the story was well written it did have some weaknesses, with one of those being how the, sense of place was built in, it can be difficult for this to be written, but the book which had as its background, on what the coal and oil companies did to the land, there was very little written about how the land changed, apart from the, Dam and the polluted water.

Having said that about a sense of place, the book is still worth reading for some of the pranks in the book, as they get bigger through the book.


So who would i recommend this book to, this is one of those books that is for people who enjoy books that are mainly based around characters. As well as people with an interest in books about the little man who takes on big industry, If this is you, then  you should read, Bell Hamers By Lancelot Schaubert.

About The Writer

picture of the writer Lance;lot Schaubert
Lance;lot Schaubert

Lancelot Schaubert has written work for  Tor, The New Haven Review (Yale’s Institute Library), McSweeney’s, The Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest (magazine and books), Poker Pro, Encounter, other similar markets.

He believes that art should not merely entertain or sell products. Art should cause us to change our minds, soften our hearts, and motivate our activism to be true and good. And therefore artists manual and fine alike should not seek first to be richer, smarter, sexier, cooler, more relevant, more tech savvy, or more powerful. They must seek to be better and to make things that will make others better: this is the soul of true renown and is his one and only goal with all of his work.

Bell Hammers: The True Folk Tale of Little Egypt, Illinois

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