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Hope City is the story of Samuel Rothman and his best friend, Liam Kampen, teenage boys from San Francisco who, in the summer of 1898, venture into the goldfields of the Alaskan wilderness.

Samuel’s father Warned him to conceal his Jewish heritage from the ruffians he may encounter, so he changes his name to the less conspicuous Percy Hope. This fateful decision gives a yet-unnamed mining village a new identity and catapults Percy into a world where the good and the righteous must face greedy and ruthless adversaries.

Along a waterway known as Turnagain Arm, the newly named Hope City and the more established Sunrise are like opposite sisters. The good and virtuous Hope, with a Catholic church led by the influential Reverend O’Hara, admonishes residents against committing the seven deadly sins. In Sunrise, saloon owner Magnus Vega tempts prospectors with whiskey, gambling, and women


I went into reading Hope City with some trepidation, as although I thought the only other book I had read by Neil Perry Gordon, was Bomb Squad, was fine but had some weaknesses at the end.

However, when reading the book the trepidation just floated away as this was a really enjoyable book to read. 

The main Character Percy (Samuel) was a really likeable character, with the right amount of naivety at the beginning of the book, but with just enough skill to allow him to grow throughout the book.

The friendship with Liam, felt like one that two mates going on adventure would be like, sticking together, while having fallouts and arguments along the way. This was particularly enhanced that not only was Pecy  a solid character but Liam was a well. Along with most of the other people in the book such as Ella.

The only weakness in the characters of the book was Magnus Vaga, while he was the major conflict of the book, he was written in such a way that you want him to win, with his conflict with the Reverend. 

This is one of those historical fiction which not only leaves World War II behind but takes you into an historical event that the average reader will not know about in the Alaska Gold rush, and with the writing and the story made it  a pleasure to read. 

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So who will I recommend this book to? The easy answer to that is people who like either adventure novels or Historical fiction  which are in an unusual setting. 

The hard answer is another readership that I feel the book would be suitable for,  due to the age of the main characters and the experiences they go through as well as the plott and that would be for those who read New Adult novels.

All in all this is a great book, so whatever the reason you decide for reading this Neil Perry Gordon Book you should read Hope City.

Meet the Writer

Neil Perry Gordon

Neil Perry Gordon has established himself as a well-respected and prolific historical fiction novelist. His story telling ability has earned him high editorial praise from the likes of Kirkus, Midwest Book Review and others.

Neil attributes his love of the writing process from his formative education at the Green Meadow Waldorf School, where he learned that subjects such as music, dance and theater, writing, literature, legends and myths, were not simply things to be read about and tested, but lessons to be experienced.

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