I got Lady Estrid by M J Porter, from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

Release date 29th October 2019



United by blood and marriage. Divided by seas. Torn apart by ambition.

Lady Estrid Sweinsdottir has returned from Kiev, her first husband dead after only a few months of marriage. Her future will be decided by her father, King Swein of Denmark, or will it?

A member of the ruling House of Gorm, Estrid might not be eligible to rule, as her older two brothers, but her worth is in more than her ability to marry and provide heirs for a husband, for her loyalty is beyond question.

With a family as divided and powerful as hers, stretching from England to Norway to the land of the Svear, she must do all she can to ensure Denmark remains under the control of her father’s descendants, no matter the raging seas and boiling ambition that threatens to imperil all.


Lady Estrid by M J Porter, is one of those historical  books that shows why someone such as  me who likes history, explains why I read and enjoy historical fiction. 

Because it takes a period of history, brings it to the fore shows what people did, but with a writer’s skill goes into explaining why that person may have done what they did, in a way historical non-fiction may not.

The story is told through the Eyes of Lady Estrid herself, both in what she is thinking and her asctions, as well as letters and messages she receives. This method of the story not only gives the reader an understanding of what is happening at the time. 

The letters allow you the reader to see both what information the lead character has to work with and some historical context to what is happening in the world at the time.

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One of the main difficulties in reading the book is the names of all the people involved and how they are so different to a modern english reader, with names such as  Ethelred, Elfigfu, Athelstan, all names from the English royal family at the time.

However this is not the fault of the writer and  once you get into the story the names start falling into place, in addition to this for anyone who has studied the causes of the Norman invasion of 1066, as the book goes on you meet more names of the people you have read about in the history books, for example Emma of Normandy, Edward the Confessor.

Once you work out who everyone is and how they are interconnected, this is a great work of historical fiction, to read, with all the intrigue of the time in how the royal families of Northern Europe were so interconnected at the time. As well as examining how the female members of Royal families were used as political pawns and yet could carve a life for themselves.


Who should read Lady Estrid? The best answer for this would be anyone, who reads historical fiction outside of World War II, in addition to those who enjoy political fiction, like the House of Cards etc. In addition, having just Read Ken Follets prequel to the Kingsbridge Series The Evening and the Morning (which you can read my review here),  this novel covers the period if English History just after that book is set. 

All the above means that M J Porters Lady Estrid is a book you should read.

Meet The Writer


M J Porter, an author of historical fiction (Early English/Viking) and fantasy. 

I write A LOT, you’ve been warned. Find me at www.mjporterauthor.com where I blog about books and films and sometimes, writing!    

Comment below if you if you want to read this book or on your favourite historical fiction book outside of World War II.

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