I got The Tobacconist’s Wife By AnneMarie Brear, From Netgalley for a fair and honest review.

Published date 12 November 2020


Having lost her father, Thea Goodson is alone in the world.

It is true she has a husband, but Ernie is  more inclined to use his fists to keep Thea in line than to build on their marriage. And besides, Ernie Goodson has secrets – secrets that even his wife cannot share.

But in Victorian Yorkshire, appearances must be kept up, so Thea goes on powdering her bruises and forcing a smile as she toils in Ernie’s home and tobacco shop. There seems to be no other option.

That is, until a handsome and well-bred stranger arrives to set up shop next door…

Can Thea escape her misery and break from the conventions of society? Or will the clutches of her abusive husband confine her forever?


The Tobacconist’s Wife, is one of those books, that on the face of it is light and easy to read, however underlying that, at the heart of the story is the brutal Marriage of Thea and her husband.

With the way Thea’s life is controlled with fists and how she has to be careful around him as well as the use of makeup to cover the bruises. 

Ernie, Thea’s husband however is not a two dimensional figure, and there are times when you see that he is almost kind and feels guilty for what he did to his wife.

The novel is written from two peoples perspective. The first being Thea, herself and the other being Adam Fitzwilliam, the university educated, who leaves his family Estate to start a business making furniture, against the wishes of his mother and father.

The two perspectives gave the book a nice flow to the story, however one of the problems with the book was how it jumped from one person to the other mid chapter. This was confusing at times as it could take a few sentences to work out that the perspective had changed. 

The change of character view was even more confusing when there was a jump in time as again added a slight confusion to the narrative.

Having it said all that I loved the two perspectives of the book as it showed that both Thea and Adam were trapped into a life that they did not want and having to struggle to see if they could get out.

In fact being trapped was another theme of the novel as most people seemed to be stuck, where they did not want to be. This could be both the two main characters themselves or the Fitzwillian family as a whole who are stuck living a life because that is the social convention. 

Evan Thea’s husband Ernie is trying to change his situation for the better.


Who should read The Tobacconist’s Wife? This book is for anyone who is storys centred on people and their struggles, as they attempt to change it for the better. If That is you then you should read, The Tobacconist’s Wife By AnneMarie Brear.

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Meet the Writer

AnneMarie Brear

AnneMarie Brear

Is an Australian born writer of historical novels and modern romances and sometimes the odd short story, too. Her passions, apart from writing, are travelling, reading, researching historical eras and looking for inspiration for her next book. 

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