On the 31st of October 2020 it was announced that the actor Sean Connery had died peacefully in his sleep at his home in the Bahamas. The proud Scotsman who is best known for being the first person to play James Bond, Ian Fleming’s most famous character, on the big screen. 

However James Bond was not the only character who first appeared in a book. So to mark the passing of the actor I thought it would be nice to  list all the films that he starred in that were originally books.

Books Made in to Films Staring Sean Connery

TitleFilm Release dateCharactereWritterDateNotes
On the Fiddle 1961Pedlar PascoeR.F. Delderfield1961
Anna Karenina1961Count Alexis VronskyLeo Tolstoy1873
Dr No1962James BondIan Fleming1958
From Russia With Love1963James BondIan Fleming1957
Woman of Straw1964Anthony ‘Tony’ RichmondCatherine Arley1954french name La femme de paille
Marnie1964Mark RutlandWinston Graham1961
Goldfinger1964James BondIan Fleming1959
Thunderball1965James BondIan Fleming1961
A fine Mess1966Samson ShillitoeElliott Baker1960
You Only Live Twice1966James BondIan Fleming1964
Shalako1968ShalakoLouis L’Amour1962
The Molly Maguires1970Jack KehoeThe Molly Maguires1969
The Anderson Tapes1971Robert ‘Duke’ AndersonLawrence Sanders1970
Diamonds Are Forever1971Jame BondIan Fleming1956
Murder on the Orient Express1974Col. ArbuthnotAgatha Christie1934
The Man Who Would Be King1975Daniel DravotRudyard Kipling1888
The First Great Train Robbery1978PierceMichael Crichton1975Book called The Great Train Robbery
Table 1

TitleFilm Release DateCharactorWriterDateNotes
The Man with the Deadly Lens1982Patrick HaleCharles McCarry1979based on the novel The Better Angels
Five Days One Summer1982Douglas MeredithKay Boyle1932short story: “Maiden, Maiden”
The Name of the Rose1986William von BaskervilleUmberto Eco1980
Family Business1989JessieVincent Patrick1985
The Hunt for Red October1990Marko RamiusTom Clancy1984
The Russia House1990Barley
John le Carré
Rising Sun1993John ConnorMichael Crichton1992
A good Man in Africa1994Dr. MurrayWilliam Boyd1981
Just Cause1995Paul ArmstrongJohn Katzenbach1992
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen2003Allan QuatermainAlan
Kevin O’Neill
1999-2019Comic Book
Table 2

So there we have it, all the books that Sean Connery helped to make into movies, I am not saying that any of the films were better than the books, I do not think i would be allowed to keep doing a book blog. However i will say many stand up as a good film in their own right.

If you wish to see an obitteruy to Sean Connery you can read the BBC here.

RIP Sean Connery

Comment below on any memories you may have of Sean Connery.

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