Over the years many female writers have used pen names to hide the gender over the years some pen names, where only used at the start of their career, while others were used throughout their writing career.  

So here is a list,of those female writers that used male names, at any point of their career.

A List of Female Writers who used Female Names

Real NamePen Name
charlotte BronteCurrer BellJane Eyre
Anne BronteActon BellThe tenant of Wildfell hall
Emily BronteEllis BellThe Vanished Bride
Mary Anne EvansGeorge EliotMiddlemarch
Anne RuleAndy StackThe I-5 Killer
Joanne RowlingRobert GalbraithThe Cuckoo’s Calling
Alice Bradly SheldonJames TiptreeBrightness Falls from the Air
Karen BlixenIsak DinesenOut of Africa
Amantine Lucile Aurore DupinGeorge SandIndiana
Nora RobertsJ. D. RobbNaked in Death
Nelle Harper LeeHarper LeeTo Kill A Mocking Bird
Violet PagetVernon LeeA Phantom Lover and Other Dark Tales
Julia FrankauFrank DanbyJoseph in Jeopardy
Table 1

Real NamePen NameBook
Mary BrightGeorge EgertonKeynotes and Discords
Natsu HiguchiIchiyo HiguchiIn The Shade of Spring Leaves: The Life of Higuchi Ichiyo, With Nine of Her Best Stories
Jane AustenA LadySense and Sensibility
Cotton Mather MillsElizabeth GaskelCranford
Mary BrightGeorge EgertonKeynotes and Discords
Fatemeh FarahaniSahahein FarahaniShahein Farahani
Julia Constance FletcherGeorge FlemingThe Head of Medusa
Table 2

Comment bellow if you know of any other women who used a male pen name.

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