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Glory Bishop lives her life in pieces. At work and with her friends, she reads novels, speaks her mind, and enjoys slow dances and stolen kisses with her boyfriend, J. T. But at home, Glory follows strict rules and second-guesses every step. 

Though she dreams of going to college and living like a normal teenage girl, her abusive mother has other ideas. When J. T. leaves to join the navy, Glory is left alone and heartsick. The preacher’s son, Malcolm Porter, begins to shower her with attention, and her mother pushes Glory to accept his advances. 

Glory is torn between waiting for true love with JT or giving in to the overzealous Malcolm.

When a stranger attacks Glory on the street, Malcolm steps in to rescue her, and her interest in him deepens. But the closer she gets to him, the more controlling he becomes. Glory must eventually decide whether to rely on others or to be her own savior.


I decided  to read this book for a couple of reasons, the first being that the synopsis of the book intrigued me, as i had just read The tobacconist’s wife in the past couple of weeks (Which you can read my review here), which was set in Yorkshire of the Victorian era and this Glory Bishop was set in Chicago of the 1980’s.

Another reason was since the issues of the Black Lives Matter campaign this year, I wrote a post about how I am going to read more diversely (which you can read the post here), Since the i have read a number of books by black writers, but all of them have have been nominated or won awards, so as this one was from a writer i did not know, i decided to give it a try.

I am glad to say i was not disappointed, the story was well written with characters which were believable and all the way through the book, did what you expected from them, even when the actions infuriated you as a reader, they made perfect sense from what you new of the individual at the time or, what you learnt about them in the future.

As previously I have aimed to read books by black writers as part of my reading mix, but this is the first novel I read that the race of the individuals in the story made no difference to the humanity of the story.

Glory Bishop could have been set in Victorian England, A medieval Castle or among the Amish, in Pennsylvania, as the story is about being trapped because of tradition or doctrine and having decisions being made for you because of them.

This was a well written book that, that for me just had a couple of weak points, the first fault was the ending while i do not mind books that leave the story with a few loose ends, i would love the writer Deborah L King, to write a sequel because i think the character of Glory has a lot of Character growth which could be explored.

The Second issue was the setting in the eighties , while as one  plot point was no mobile phones which gave rise to the mention of pay phones, while this was ok, at that point i forgot for a few seconds, that the book was set before mobile phones, became wide spread, It would have been nice if the story had sprinkled a few more references to the time of the book,  

Having said those to minor issues in no way took me from the plot of the book, as the way the story was written kept me more than engaged with the book.


Who should read Glory Bishop? This is a novel that ticks a number of boxes in the why you should read this book, firstly it’s a universal story about people stuck into lives that they do not want to be in, either because of past actions, or culture they are from.

The second reason Glory Bishop is a well written novel that makes you happy and frustrated  because of the story rather than problems in the writing. Either way you should read Glory Bishop by Deborah L King.

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Meet The Writer

Deborah L. King 

Deborah L. King

Has been a writer and storyteller her whole life. She published her first short story when she was seven years old. Her writing runs the gamut from poetry and women’s fiction, to espionage and science fiction. When she’s not writing, Deborah enjoys cartoons, cooking, photography, and Star Trek. Born and raised in Chicago, Deborah has managed to achieve all of her childhood dreams and still lives in the area with her husband and two youngest children. According to her daughter, she has “literally aced her life!”

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