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Why should I read this about page?

Here we go another about you page on a personal blog about books, where some random person will tell me about the books they have read and what they think of them. When I don’t no what they like or why should I pay attention to their opinions, or if they have similar tastes to me?

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Mark Taylor

Well This about page will give you a brief description about Mark Taylor the only writer, designer and reviewer of the books, for the website

I would like to say I have read alll my life but up until 8 my reading age was well bellow the standard required, however I always enjoyed having books around.


So what changed around the age of 8?

That is simple, I advanced on to books that had a story rather than being mainly for teaching the learning of reading rather than the informing or entertaining of  the reader.


I have always used audio books a part of my reading tool kit, as it helped me when I was younger to read a story that I wanted to read, if It was not in my reading ability. Even now if I want to read a new writer or a book out side my comfort zone I will use an audio book. Then around aboout 2005 I started using an erader which i still do to this date.

What books do you like?

When I was younger, I read a lot fact books fro example those on history mainly World War II and the 17Th British history mainly around the English Civil War. I did not read a lot of children’s books, aprt from Rold Dahl, then I jumped to Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins, Jeffery Archer, then as I got older Tom Clancy and Len Deighton for example.


The Da Vinci Code Effect

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, I am not saying that I hated this book, it was an enjoyable book to read, it was just every book I read after that, seemed to be based on the professional, worker mainly a lawyer, who finds out a secret that nobody else in the world knows about, except a secret organization.

The Professional then is able to leave his job, with enough money to travel around the world and all of a sudden you find out they served in the special force in the military.

This lead me on a journey of reading different types of genres and writers, from the likes of Neal Stephenson, Victor Hugo , Harry Turtledove and Kate Moss,


Recent Changes

Then about 10 months ago I decided on that day to read a book with a woman on the cover this as lead me to read the likes Pam Jenof, Lucinda Riley and Dinah Jefferies.


The Genres I mainly read are, the following:-

Woman’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, Alternative History, War Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction.


Favourite book reviews

The Day I Disapeard by Brandi Reeds

Wife After Wife by Oliva Hayfield

Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold Review

The Pillars of Earth Review


Favoutite Posts

The DaugDaughter of Time : First Line Friday

Re-Reading: SS General by Seven Hassel

Reading Life And Mental Health


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