Reading is your safe place in an unsafe world


Is NottsReader your real name?

No, my real name is nor NottsReader, although, I do think the name has a certain ring to it which is why I chose it for my internet site, I would not want it for my name.

What is your real name?

Mark Taylor

Why NottsReader?

The name came about for a number of reasons the first is I was born and raised and still live in the English County time of Nottinghamshire and that is usually shortend to Notts. The Second part Reader was chosen because, the blog is about books and reading.

What do you look like?

I look remarkably like the picture bellow.

my image


What is the symbol you use for your website?

The colours are the flog of Nottinghamshire

flag of Nottinghamshire

Cut into the shape of of the county

map of Nottinghamshire

With an open book at the bottom.

book image

To give this

blog icon

Do you reread books?

Yes, I have been known to reread a books, depending on if I am drawn to read the book again.

Do you review books?

yes I do review some of the books I read for pleasure, on this blog and Goodreads

Will you review my books?

Yes, I am prepared to give a honset and fair review of you work. 

How do you read books?

I read my books using a using the Kobo Clara ereader, as well as using Audio Books.

You say you have read these books but your Goodreads account says you have not?

I fell out with good reads, a few years a go, when it was harder to do rereads on the website, so I started again in 2018, but did not add

What is one random fact?

I used to be a member of the tufty club

tufty club badge


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