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Review Policy

The following is the current review policy for my website as of 17th July 2020, this supersedes any previous ones for the website.


  • All review opinions are my own, I will only change things unless they are factually incorrect, a name of a character, for example.
  • This is a hobby of mine, so I will need about 60 days from acceptance to publication of the review.
  • I have a Kobo ereader so the best format for me is EPUB. If you supply an a book in a different format, I must be able to convert it EPUB, if for any reason the conversion makes the book unreadable then I will not review it, if this is the case I will inform you as soon as possible.
  • I Publish reviews, on Amazon UK, Goodreads, Kobo, Waterstones, NetGalley, and BookSirens and this website
  • If I agree to review the book, I will not enter into any agreement not to publish the review, if it is bellow any given star rating.
  • IF I don’t finish a book I will not post a review, however I will mark the book a DNF on Goodreads and this website, on my WWW Wednesday post.
  • I do not at the moment post star ratings on my website, at the moment, this may change however.
  • If their are star ratings used on a website I post a review on, then I rate the book in the following way:-


*****   Loved the book will highly recommend it.

****     Enjoyed the book although their may be some week points like the ending or something in the plot spoiled the book, but they did not distract to much form the book as a whole. Would still recommend it

***       The book was OK, had a few more points that I did not like, the recommendation would be based on genre of the book.

**         poor book. Had a large number of week points, in the book finishing was a struggle, will only recommend it to people based on genre and trope, of the book.

         bad book, has many week points that I stopped reading it, would have difficulty recommending it to someone, but will give a synopsis if asked.


  • Just because I have reviewed a your book  before, does not mean I will do it again, though it will be more or likely if I enjoyed the book.
  • I will always state, how I got the book for every review library, brought, or obtained free for a review.
  • I do not use affliate links at the moment but this may change in the future.
  • I will only reply to any review requests done via my contact details, on this website.
  • All contact should be respectful on both sides, just because I decide not to review
    your book or posted a review that the writer did not like is solely based on the book itself.
  • Genres I read are as follows, literary fiction, historical fiction, sci fi, fantasy, war, female fiction, saga.This is not an exhaustive list, as i do read a wide range of genres, if your book is not in one of these genres then have a look at my WWW Wednesday post, here or my review post in general, and see if you think the book would be suitable for me to review.



Still here good, then if you want me to review your book then then contact me by the contact page here.


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