WWW Wednesday #1


This is my first WWW Wednesday, I saw this by Bookworms Anonymous, who said it was started by MizB at A Daily Rythmand currently hosted by Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer the three following questions

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish?
What do you think you will read next?


So here we go with the first question

What are you currently reading?

Sycamore Drive: A Novel
Charles Michael Casper

sycamore drive

This is an ARC of a book I got from NetGalley, for a fair and honest review. The book is set in Boston and is about the child abuse of the catholic church in the area, I am about 40% of the way through and am enjoying it at the moment.

Audio Book

Mirror and the Light
Hillary Mantel
Ben Mills narrator

mirror and the light

This is the last book of the Wolf Hall trilogy, that tells the story of Henry VIII’s advisor Thomas Cromwell. which I got from the libary, which I am enjoying it so far

What did you recently finish?

Perpetual Check
F. Nelson Smith

perpetual check

This is a cold war thriller, set in the 1980’s about the illegal, sale of computer parts in to the Soviet Union, an enjoyable cold war spy novel.

What do you think you will read next?

My next book will probably be a comic version of Dante’s Inferno by Hunt Emerson with Kevin Jackson.


So what is your WWW Wednesday answers either do your own on your blog or comment in the blog below on mine, like or follow.

Above all keep safe

Re-reading A Childhood Favourite

This year as I said in a previous post I am doing the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, one of the categorize is read a book that you read as a child, this gave me the push to re-read The Guns of Navarone by Alistair MaLean, which I have not read for over 10 years and really enjoyed this book.

Why This Book? Continue reading “Re-reading A Childhood Favourite”

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2020



A number of books I have read, so far and will read, later this year, have come about because I am doing the reading Challenge, set by Anne Bogel on the Modern Mrs Darcy website. Anne herself runs the website, as well as the podcast What Should I Read Next (wsirn) and has written a number of books including the book Don’t Over Think It, which comes out in march 2020.

The challenge itself involves reading, 12 books in the following categories:

A book published in the decade you were born
A debut Novel Continue reading “Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2020”

The Book That Made me a Reader

The Eagele Has Landed

ehl my paper back edition
Book cover


Like most readers when asked about my favourite book i can find it really difficult to say, as it can change almost day by day depending on my mood. However if you were to ask me which book made me become a reader then that will always get the same answer and that would have to be Jack Higgins book, the Eagle has Landed. Before we discuss why let me give you a brief description of the plot


The book starts of in modern day Norfolk in a village called Studly Constobale where the Author is looking for the grave of a sea captain, examining the grave he finds one that is lose and moves it and underneath is another grave with the inscription about German Continue reading “The Book That Made me a Reader”

Let the Reading begin

It does not matter what or how you read just read




This post is to introduce the NottsReader blog to the world, the aim this little part of the internet is to discuss the thoughts and opinions of one reader from Nottinghamshire on how reading has an impact on his life.

The blog will contain  reviews of books I have read both for the first time and rereads (yes I do read books more than once), there will always be a mention to say I have already read the book before.

In addition there will discussions on issues affecting the book world, including the methods we use for reading and news around the book world. There will also be more personal post like, how I started getting into reading and the books that have paid a major part of my life.

I have already started working on my next blog which will be about about the great eBook, real book, and audio book debate.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing your thoughts